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This is my proverbial sunrise;

This kid is seven and we look like we’re taking #whitegirlwasted #thesexystare pics… 😂 my niece is my life. ❤️

How I feel about open to swing tomorrow. Gonna hit overtime. 😖💵💵💵💵💵👌#yaytimeandahalf #butfuckimtired #selfiesunday #sillyface

"Atleast we danced," she said, "Atleast we tried." 🎶

Fuck with the princess and you get the axe. 👌wanted one of these babies for awhile now :) #inlove #weapons #tomahawk #dangerouslycute ;) 💋

Ain’t a doctor, but I can make you feel betta - and I’m great at writin’ physical love letters! ❤️💋🎶

Lookin cute for work :)

I was lookin cute at work today~~

I got a wig today :)