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This is my proverbial sunrise;



I have seen too many earthquakes tear apart the human soul,
epicenter the center of their chest,
the unrest in their bones rattled to a hault 
as they tumbled through their own darkness
Harnessing every negative thought
every ‘could have, would have, should have’
every forget-me-not forgotten
To rotten their core until it collapsed
and caused that catacylsm which created
the deep hole in their chest;

I may not fight fires but there are days I have cried enough tears
to put out the sun,
I swore that darkness would never end.

But here I am.

So for every earthquaked soul I know there is a survivor
Buried in the rubble;
No one said hitting rock bottom would be easy
But every broken back bone grows back stronger
You are stronger than you think
And if you’ve hit bottom there is no where to go but up.

So here I am with outstretched hands.

Some days your sky will be swollen with pent up tears
Years worth of memorable sorrows and tomorrow
is a day that could not come soon enough
But soon enough, the sky will clear.
One of life’s valuable lessons
is learning how to weather the storm.



You were the one
Who broke me, bullied me, took me and made me
this dependent sack of shit
In the name of love.
I think leaving was the beginning of something beautifu

You were never my type, but that didn’t stop me from trying out new font;
I never told you how your laughter makes me smile
I like it even more than how your hands
make me moan when we’re alone.

You’re the unobtainable, untamable, the wild and reckless,
My personal dirty pleasure, feeding my masochistic emotional desire;
You run with wolves and I’m the sheep
I only ask you try to be gentle when you devour my
ever bleeding heart.l.

You will ruin everything beautiful about me
When you strip me raw in front of you and make me yours
I have never been excited to be nothing
Except when I am nothing in your arms, your teeth at my neck
Nothing; but bruises and scars in flesh
After a night of decadence.

You are everything I could ever want
and maybe that scares me
The boys in pretty packaging
Are often the most deadly.

I told another secret
my story unbounded pages
I have no spine to stand alone,
and seek comfort from strangers
I don’t trust and lovers who don’t love
Skim my words for the latest gossip,
Newsflash: I’m a trainwreck,
I’m your last bet after your last drink
when your judgement isn’t what it should be
I’m a bad idea presented prettily.
Like shattered glass, I am broken;
Torn open again by my old friend: Sharp,
like a cat who can’t catch their own dinner,
I keep on not eating, but I’m still not getting thinner.
I’m panicking about panicking, 
eyes blurred when I drive, hands on the wheel
shake side to side, can I breathe?
Nevermind. It’s all an illusion,
like the delusional thought that I could be happy
that I could truly love me
(But like shattered glass, I am jaded)
When my sunset arrives, do not weep for me.
This three day ‘recovery’
may very well be the death of me.

I want to believe my large heart has it’s own gravity,
So that those I love may never leave me;
But I know I am no star and I do not light up their darkness,
I am no trailblazing comet, no warmth providing sun,
The only thing that is stellar about me
Is how I am slowly being engulfed by my own flames.

Poetic Chaos; An Autobiography.: Every time they looked in, she was sweeping.Day, after day, after...


Every time they looked in, 
she was sweeping.
Day, after day, after day
Kicking up the dust and the broken glass
and the memories which cut 
the soles of her bare feet.
She never stopped to wrap them
never hesitated to let them bleed;
"She must enjoy it," they imagine
deducing all they can from their narrow view point
But if they had ever bothered to ask
They would know she hated it,
loathed it, couldn’t handle it -
Just found the pain unavoidable
And as she swept and swept
day, after day, after day,
She began to collect the dust
she was trying so hard to clean up.
Her skirt grew worn and tattered,
musty; her skin a translucent, evanescent,
bone-tight monument to all that was left
to be cleaned up
and thrown away.


Some people bleed

just to feel alive

But I bleed

just to taste

what it’s like

to die.

I’m so sick of being sad
I’m so sick of what I weigh
I’m so sick of being here
So sick I hate to stay;
So sick and tired
Of being sick and tired,
I’m so sick
Of who I am


I wash my clothes
But it still stinks like the smell
of freshly smoked cigarettes;
There might be a fire in my soul
Get out while you can;
There are no fire escapes here
God forgot to inspect me 
before my soul moved in;
My mental pathways blocked
by big red signs: Depression. Anxiety. 
Apathy. He’s going to leave.
He’s going to leave.
They’re all going to leave.
And if they do what’s left here
but me, choking, turning blue?
I told them and I told you
Get out while you can
And with good reason
I just don’t want to die alone.
I can’t make it on my own.
Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me.
The stairs are caving in
The flames lick my fingertips
and I lick my salt-stained lips;
Trapped. Trapped. Trapped.
Angel haired, baby faced, china doll complextion -
Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me.
The smoke keeps getting thicker
I weeze with every breath
My gasps are getting quicker
But nearer so is death;
There’s a fire in my soul
And the darkness in it grows
Get out, get out, get out;
Or choke on my misery
With blackened lungs and blackened insides
(Get out, get out, get out)
Too fragile a heart,
I tore myself apart.
(Don’t leave me.)


They’d barely nailed your coffin shut
When they dropped you in the ground
Threw roses on your casket to mask
the thick air of death that surrounded you.

But I know like they know
Like we all know,
You will never grow again,
Your bones will rot and become dirt again
And so will I and they
and we
And everything.

Tonight, my heart
Sounds like a thousand soldiers
Marching off to their deaths
Through fields of flowers;
Crushing any hope that might have bloomed,
Despite this dismal setting.
I am done practicing patience
At the expense of regretting every day of my life.

Tonight, spineless or not
I am going to be gutted like a fish;
Cut open and used for other people’s gains.
So don’t tell me to be quiet -
I am going to scream as you cut me,
So that you never forget that you ruined
What was once so close to being unbroken
But now sleeps with eyes open and heart shut to hope, safety,
And family.